Your Experiences

"The mission trip truly opened my eyes to appreciate how blessed I am and how so many others live without and are in need. I was compelled to volunteer to give of myself for the glory of God to help the people of Haiti. It is hard to believe so many people in Haiti live without food and clean drinking water, but they do. I know that if feeding the homeless will open doors for the spread of the good news then I will start there." - Kim Sumbry

"My experiences in Haiti have been life changing. Each experience I encounter God in a different way. The people of Haiti, despite their conditions and way of life, are the most joyous people I have ever met. Haiti is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I am grateful that God has placed me on this team to serve and love on the people of Haiti." -Tylana Hudson

"My experience was overwhelming and life changing. Upon seeing the dire need of water, food, clothing, housing, medical, schools, etc. While meeting the people in villages where they are dying from diseases,that are considered minor in the USA.Haitians are also starving for the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. My life has never been the same."
        -Tijunia Hudson, Founder and President

"I never thought going on a missions trip would be something I would ever do, but it has changed my life forever. It has given me a new perspective on what really matters, because I believe that God's word is true and what matters to God should matter to me. 


When reading Matthew 6:24 and Deuteronomy 15:11, the verses hit my heart in a deeper way, since seeing poverty first hand. I don't think I would say that I was in love with money, but it made me re-evaluate my spending habits. What I would spend in a month eating out or going to movies could support a family in Haiti. Giving up something I don't really need can feed a family or send a child to school. THAT BLEW MY MIND. 


I realize I have brothers and sisters that are in desperate need. God has blessed me, not so that I can be greedy or turn a blind eye, but so that I could be a blessing to others. My prayer is that more people would go on a mission trip to get exposed to what poverty really is. I know that God will move in their hearts and that they will be changed." - Shay Evans