The widespread of poverty, crowded living conditions, and poor sanitation are contributing factors to many health problems, such as malnutrition, tuberculosis, malaria, and infections from parasites. Due to a lack of funds, modern equipment, and staff, the country is unable to meet the needs of the people. Even the most basic supplies can sometimes be unaffordable. Few doctors are available, especially in rural communities. Even with the small number of rural area clinics, help is still not accessible to everyone. With an unreliable ambulance and fire rescue system, sick people must be able to afford the trip to treatment, in addition to the care itself. The minimal or lack of medical care leads to short average lifespans of 47 for males and 51 for females. 


MDH is opening a medical clinic in Bercy, which neighbors Traveau. This clinic has 25 staff members, including 4 Haitian doctors and 11 Haitian nurses. MDH also supports the clinic in Turbe, which is lead by Dr. Ocean and his team.