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During the 2010 earthquake, thousands of schools, including smaller universities, were destroyed. Haiti’s formal education rates, of 50%, are below the 90% average in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Approximately 35% of people ages 15 and older cannot read. Creole is spoken during kindergarten and the first three years of primary school. During secondary school, French is spoken. 


 Today, 90% of schools are privately run and require some sort of fee. If not for attendance, then for materials and uniforms. Half of all children do not attend primary school and only a fifth of those children make it to secondary school. Due to minimal family funds, children are often needed as workers at home. 


Mission Direct Haiti has a No Child Left Behind policy, so that all children have an opportunity to learn. MDH currently supports students with uniforms, supplies, and food for lunches and has plans to build a school in Travail. 




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