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Our Story

Mission Direct Haiti team members traveled to Haiti on February 15, 2015. We were led 18 miles outside of Port-Au-Prince, by one of our Haitian leaders, to the village of Turbe. There, the destruction from the 2010 earthquake is still present. While in Turbe, we visited the church and met leaders of the villages, including Pastor Jean Cid. The needs of the village are overwhelming. They do not have potable water, food, clothing, or adequate shelter. Several people, both young and old, sleep on the dirt floors of the church. Before we left Turbe, Pastor Cid prayed. In his prayer he stated,  “God, we have been praying for fifty years for you to send a mission to helps us.” 


God continues to show us the needs of His people. During our journey in working with the village of Turbe, God has also led us to the village of Travail. God has blessed us with land in the village in order for us to build a school, an orphanage, senior housing, and more vital resources.



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